RRRM launching findings and recommendations at the OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains, 21-24th May

RRRM launching findings and recommendations at the OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains, 21-24th May
Come and hear the key findings and recommendations from the Roundtable on the Responsible Recycling of Metals being discussed at our panel session, in the main auditorium at 11:30 am on Friday 24th May at the OECD Forum, Paris. To register follow this link:  

For the last 14 months the Roundtable has been collaborating to better understand and make recommendations to improve ESG management and performance of recycled metal content and value chains. 

The initiative has brought together metals recyclers, industry associations, voluntary sustainability standard setters, certification bodies, academics, NGO’s, refiners and others and found that, while recycling delivers key socio-economic and environmental benefits, current approaches are insufficient to ensure recycled metals do not harm people or the environment. 

Existing corporate due diligence policy and other management approaches have either excluded recycled content or had very few requirements. Data on ESG risks is poor and impacts are often underestimated and under-reported. This is particularly the case for post-consumer collection, processing and recycling where over 20 million people are estimated by the ILO to make a living, often at a subsistence level.  

There is considerable potential to expand responsible metals recycling which can help secure supplies of critical and strategic minerals while reducing negative impacts. Structural limitations of markets, policy and enforcement mean externalities are not priced into transactions and incentives are not always strong enough to improve conditions. There are cultural, political and technological opportunities to reduce losses and manifest many more benefits that recycling can bring. 

These are other findings and recommendations will be published in a series of Reports which will be launched at the event. A summary report, a 1-page route map and a risk profile will be freely available at to download and use from 21st May. They are supported by 3 background reports with detailed findings and recommendations. 

The Roundtable on the Responsible Recycling of Metals is a multi-stakeholder initiative that seeks to ensure there are appropriate standards, systems and tools available for the responsible production and sourcing of recycled metals. The RRRM’s activities are driven by regular roundtable engagement, supported and coordinated by the secretariat and overseen by the Steering Group. The Steering Group is responsible for guiding and funding the Roundtable activities, and adopting the output to be delivered by the RRRM. The Steering Group members are:

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